Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tips For Pregnant Bridesmaids Dresses Shopping

It will be very excited when you heard that one of your friends has a baby. But you may be a little confused when one of your “maids-to-be” such as dresses. Do not worry, RedBD gives some tips for you to choose dress for your pregnant bridesmaid.

Usually, you should take measurements before ordering bridesmaids dresses. Bust, Waist and Hips. But if your maids is a “mom-to-be”, then the waist will be useless. You’d better add a few inches for future growth.

2.Empire Waist
Empire waist dress is suitable for all kinds of body shape, especially for the pregnant bridesmaid.

3.Chiffon Fabric
It’s a fabric that suitable for all bridesmaids. And it’s the hottest fabric among the bridesmaids.

4.Dress Alterations
Maybe you have ordered the dresses for your maids before hearing the excited new. So you maybe need a seamstress or tailor with experience altering dresses for the pregnant body.

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