Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pregnant bridesmaid dresses in plum

Many pregnant women like to wear a plum dress to some formal occasions because plum can brighten your skin and make you look graceful. So you can choose plum as the color of your pregnant bridesmaid dress to the wedding party.

Chiffon Sweetheart with Shoulder Straps Gather Bodice Empire Bridesmaid Dress
Chiffon Sweetheart with Shoulder Straps Gather Bodice Empire  Bridesmaid Dress

                        RBD125            RBD126
The design of shoulder straps is suitable for pregnant bridesmaids very much. The empire waist and loose skirt won't make your baby feel constrained. If you don’t like the bridesmaid dress in knee-length, you can choose the same style of the bridesmaid in long length in and they are very cheap, the two bridesmaid dresses under £100.

Chiffon V-neck with Satin Sash long bridesmaid dress

Chiffon V-neck with Satin Sash long bridesmaid dress
The plum color and design of V-neck make you to be a modest and sexy, fashion mom. Chiffon long bridesmaid dress with satin sash can stretch the curve of the whole body perfectly. Also you can wear the dress as a daily dress after the wedding.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

V-neck dresses for pregnant women

Your chest will become more plentiful during the pregnancy. This is a good opportunity to show the curve of your chest by choosing a v-neck dress. Don’t be shy, daring to show the beauty of your pregnancy.

Burgundy v-neck dress
RBD203 from, the bridesmaid dress under £100.
The burgundy v-neck dress is suitable for you to anywhere such as to wedding party as a pregnant bridesmaid, to a formal evening from as a guest and many more. As a pregnant woman, flats are you best choice. You also can choose accessories in bright color or the same shades color to match the dress.

White v-neck dress
Choose a dress in white color that can make you look pure and holy. The design of deep v-neck can show off your curvy perfectly. Whether it is in daily life or party, you will be the most beautiful mom with the white dress.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to customize your maternity bridesmaid dress

maternity women

When your waistline grow along with your pregnancy, You'll be difficult to find a suitable bridesmaid dress for your growing waistline. How to do? The best way is to order your maternity bridesmaid dress in online shop. You need to note the following points when you buy the dresses.

First: Find a good acceptable custom bridesmaid dresses online shop
custome made

Online shopping is a quick and easy way to buy what you want. The price of online shopping is lower than that in conventional shopping. So first, the most important is to find a good acceptable custom bridesmaid dresses online shop to order your maternity bridesmaid dress, such as, a professional bridesmaid dresses online shop.

Second: tailor your maternity bridesmaid dress in advance

Usually online shop needs 10 to 15 working days to tailor the dress, the shipping time is 2-5 working days, at least you should star one month in advance to buy your dress before the wedding.

Third: Accurate to say your size
Tulle Sweethear Strapless Gathered Bodice with Satin Sash Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress

The exact size in order to make the suitable maternity dress. These dimensions need to be measured correctly, the size of bust ,waist, hips, shoulder, shoulder to floor, height with shoes. As a maternity bridesmaid , the most important size is the bust and waist, the two size is growing with your pregnancy. You can give the size and your pregnancy to  the service of online shop, they can help you.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

How to dress up as a pregnant bridesmaid

pregnant women

How to your best friend’s wedding party elegantly as a pregnant bridesmaid? You should in consideration of some aspects such as bridesmaid dresses, makeup yourself, shoes and accessory. 

Bridesmaid dresses
Chiffon Spaghetti Straps Empire Style Knee-length Bridesmaid Dress

Empire waist and pleated skirt bridesmaid dresses in chiffon fabric is more suitable for pregnant bridesmaids. You can tell the accept custom bridesmaid dresses online shop your pregnancy and size to order your dress. 


Simple is beautiful. Pregnant women carry a certain glow on their faces that makes them look divine, so you don’t need heavy makeup. Nude makeup look is a good ideal for pregnant women. Finally remember to use special cosmetics for pregnant women.

Shoes and accessory

Shoes and accessory

Stay away beautiful high heels. For you and your baby’s safety, you should choose comfortable flat shoes. You don’t need to wear complex accessories as a pregnant bridesmaid, the wedding flower is your best accessory.