Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dresses for maternity women

maternity bridesmaids

How really delighted that you are having a baby! But your best friend has invited you to be her bridesmaid, how do you choose your nice bridesmaid dress to her wedding party? Different phases of pregnancy may choose different styles of bridesmaid dresses. You can according to your months of pregnancy to choose the right dress.

1 to 4 months
dresses for maternity bridesmaid dresses

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You have to be careful about 1 to 4 months of pregnancy since these early stages are rather unstable. Bridesmaid dresses in short or tea length is more safer than in floor length for you. You can choose the any styles of dresses which is your love and make your baby also feel comfortable.

5 to 10 months
dresses for maternity bridesmaid dresses

There is no doubt that empire style skirt is best choice for you while you were 5 to 10 months of pregnancy. The style of empire waist can solve the question that your waist is getting bigger. Tea or long length bridesmaid dresses are better than short length dresses for you. It is safe and comfortable that you wear a dress in tea or long length with nice flat shoes.