Wednesday, November 30, 2016

To be a shiny maternity bridesmaid

sequin star gowns
Anne Hathaway and Molly Sims, they were all pregnant stars and chosen sequin gowns to attend the ceremony. They were pretty and shiny when they were in pregnancy. If you are a maternity bridesmaid-to-be and picking dresses to wedding, you can choose a sequin fabric or beaded details bridesmaid dresses to do a shiny maternity bridesmaid like Anne and Molly.

Sequin maternity bridesmaid dresses
Rose gold or silver sequin fit maternity bridesmaids more, you can choose your favorite color and pleat skirt design that can make you and your bump look pretty or feel comfortable. If the wedding ceremony was held in a romantic place with a fine weather, you will look shiny with sequin dresses.

Bridesmaid dresses with beaded details 
RBD018              RBD100              RBD096
If you don’t like sequin dresses, you can choose dresses with beaded details. The dresses with beaded details also can make you to be a shiny and elegant maternity bridesmaid. RedBD picks some nice and affordable bridesmaid dresses with beaded details for your choice.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What to do when you are a pregnant bridesmaid

maternity bridesmaids
It’s exciting that you will stand beside your closet friend or sister as a bridesmaid in the wedding ceremony. Sometimes the god will bring a pleasant surprise for you that you are pregnant during the preparation. What to do when you are a pregnant bridesmaid in the buildup to the wedding ceremony.

First: Enjoy the surprise with others
bride and maternity bridesmaids
It’s a lucky thing that you are pregnant, you should enjoy the surprise with others. You should know the months of pregnancy while the wedding is holding and make some proper adjustments for your pregnant such as the size of your dress or your duty in the wedding.

Second: To choose the right maternity bridesmaid dresses 
Chiffon One-shoulder with 3D Flower Empire Long Bridesmaid Dress
The size and weight is changing during your pregnancy. You can choose some maternity bridesmaid dresses, these dresses often have comfortable fabric and designs such as empire waist and pleat skirt. Some cosmetics will cause damage to your baby, you should choose your cosmetics to makeup carefully. We were all encouraged to do what felt comfortable and still appropriate.

Third: Don’t too excited and tired
pregnant maids
You have a fragile body and your baby depends on you to look after yourself properly while you are pregnant. Don't too excited and tired even if you are very happy in the wedding ceremony.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nice bridesmaid dresses with wide straps for pregnant women

maternity bridesmaids
If you will to be a maternity pregnant, you should choose comfortable and elegant maternity bridesmaid dresses instead of over sexy dresses. I feel that maternity bridesmaids in dresses with wide straps is simple but elegant more. RedBD picks some nice bridesmaid dresses with wider straps for your choice.

Maternity bridesmaid dresses with v neck and wide straps
 Maternity bridesmaid dresses with v neck and wide straps
The style of the maternity dress is most suitable for pregnant women, it make you look suit sexy and feel comfortable. You can dress you like the women in picture, simple hairstyle and nature makeup.

Maternity bridesmaid dresses with wide straps in RedBD
There are also many high quality and affordable bridesmaid dresses with wide straps for pregnant women in RedBD. You can custom the size and color of your dress and the service is free. We look forward to your click sincerely.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nice red maternity dresses for party

red pregnant dresses
I search‘ pregnant stars ’in Google and find the two stars of top picture to ceremony. I feel they are amazing with their bump in red dresses. They are pregnant women but they are shine and fashion. The color of the dress make their face ruddy and can quick to catch the eyes of whole. Most importantly, red represents good luck and happy event in some area, red gives the best wishes to you and your baby. Red dresses is a good choice for pregnant women to party.

Red maternity dresses in RedBD

RBD218       RBD224        RBD143        RBD221
Red maternity dresses can be wore in any party. You can wear it to wedding as red bridesmaid dresses, to formal party as red gowns and so on. If you want to pick one red maternity dresses, you can click our online shop RedBD and it offers many nice red dresses in different styles and fabrics. The most important is these red bridesmaid dresses are under £100.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nice spaghetti strap dresses for maternity bridesmaids

spaghetti strap bridesmaid dresses
To be a fashion and confident maid-mom is a proud thing for pregnant women. Like the model of the picture, although she has a big bump, she still keeps smile with nice spaghetti strap dress and simple makeup, she looks so beautiful and confident. Sometimes, a nice dress and simple makeup can make us in a good mood. So choosing a nice spaghetti strap dresses for yourselves, if you will to be a maids-mom or go to a party.

Nice spaghetti strap bridesmaid dresses in RedBD
Nice spaghetti strap bridesmaid dresses in RedBD

RBD130           RBD122          RBD129
If you like the model and like the style of dress, you can click our online shop, there are many high quality and affordable bridesmaid dresses. We design some comfortable dress specially for pregnant women and hope more and more pregnant bridesmaids to be a fashion and confident maids-mom with our maternity bridesmaid dresses.